Kick Ass and Cut Grass with Mowy Lawn Today

Although You’ll Actually Just Be Cutting Grass

There’s nothing like the look of a freshly-mowed lawn to soothe the soul, am I right? If you’re actually in agreement with me on this one, good news! Mowy Lawn, the next title from the people who brought you Crossy Road, is out today!

Mowy Lawn

In a move that only the Simpsons could have predicted with any accuracy whatsoever, now you can experience the heady joy of mowing lawns on your iPhone! Truly this is the future in which we live. There’s precious little story to bog you down here, leaving you free to mow with impunity. Assuming you can avoid the sheep, a leisurely life of grass-cutting awaits!

If the thought of mowing lawns for ever and ever doesn’t excite you, know that you can also unlock better and better lawnmowers. Still not thrilling enough? One of those mowers is very similar to (but legally distinct from) Mario himself! Okay, so it’s known as Mowrio in the trailer and there’s some super-familiar rotating columns of flame to avoid that are also sort of grass. We all know what’s happening. Anyway, Mowy Lawn is out today on the iOS App Store. Check out the short but sweet trailer below!

SOURCE: Press Release