Jeff Goldblum Lending His Voice to Jurassic World Evolution

Life, Uhhhhhhh, Finds A Way

Jeff Goldblum is going to be in Jurassic World Evolution? Dinosaurs are real and you’ll be able to ride one, fulfilling a secret lifelong dream? Just the first one, huh? Well, that’s still pretty cool. Goldblum’s participation in the upcoming dinosaur park simulator was revealed with a video announcement yesterday. What a time to be alive and also managing a dinosaur theme park!

Jurassic World Evolution Jeff Goldblum

If you haven’t heard, Jurassic World Evolution tasks players with building and managing their own dinosaur-infested theme park. Along the way, Goldblum/Dr. Malcolm will provide you with advice and moral guidance. Although honestly, his entire role could be dispensing dire warnings and begrudging ‘I told you so’ speeches and I would be fine with it.

While the next entry in the Jurassic World Franchise is set for release in June, the game is still coming out this summer for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. This seems like they’ll be out around the same time, but who knows? Hopefully their releases line up nicely. Watching beautiful people get devoured by hubris and rogue dinosaurs will surely get me excited to mismanage a park of my own. You can check out the aforementioned announcement below.

SOURCE: Press Release