Team Who Ported Skyrim to Switch Want a Crack at Monster Hunter

Can Iron Galaxy Make It Happen?

Iron Galaxy Studio wants to take on the monster… hunter. Already, the Chicago-based studio has proven itself by bringing Skyrim to the Nintendo Switch. Now, they’re asking Capcom for a crack at Monster Hunter World.

The news of Iron Galaxy’s ambition came via social media, a tweet by company CEO Adam Boyes. Capcom has affirmed that a Nintendo Switch port for Monster Hunter World would be tough, which is why it would never happen. However, Boyes is explicitly asking for an opportunity to make it happen. After all, Capcom has emphasized a desire to get more of their IPs on Nintendo’s hybrid console.

It’s hard to argue with the results. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has done rather well on the Nintendo Switch, our review of which you can find here. Of course, Monster Hunter World is a very different beast. The game utilizes some very demanding graphical components; moreover, if you have played the game, you’ll understand that there are many, many moving parts to the open world. All this would explain why this installment was recently revealed to be the best-selling Monster Hunter of all time. Still, can Capcom look a gift horse in the mouth? Will we see a Monster Hunter port? Stay tuned for confirmation as time goes by.

Happy gaming.