Hellblade Is Coming for the Xbox One, New Evidence Suggests

The AA Indie Game Could Be Going Multiplatform

Just a small taste of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and one might never guess that it’s an indie title. Well, it is and has been around for a year now. With that being the case, a new rating in Austrailia has raised eyebrows. Moreover, it came with the multiplatform tag.

hellblade top game-brekaing

Considering Hellblade’s success, it’s release on multiple platforms make sense. If the new rating is anything to go by, it could release on the Xbox One or Nintendo Switch a little later this year. Of course, nothing’s confirmed until it’s confirmed. That said, another new rating in Taiwan lists Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice as an Xbox One release. Thus, there may be a new announcement around the corner. You can find the Australian rating below.

Ninja Theory isn’t nailed down to any single platform holder. Since Hellblade only released for Steam and the PlayStation 4, the self-published developer has room to expand. It was in the Fall of last year that Ninja theory reported profit from sales, despite its categorization as an indie title. And yet, the team managed to donate an entire day’s revenue to charity to help raise mental health awareness.

Ninja’s Theory’s Hellblade has received numerous accolades, with Melina Jeurgens receiving The Game Award for best performance. If it can be ported to more consoles, more power to everyone. Stay tuned for updates in the near future, and if you haven’t already done so, feel free to check out our in-depth review.

Happy gaming.