First Three Tomb Raider Games Getting the Remaster Treatment for PC

The First Three Tomb Raider Games Are Receiving PC Remaster

The new Tomb Raider movie, featuring the talented Alicia Vikander, hits the big screen in North America this week, and though hype is already building, fans of the franchise have another reason to celebrate. Realtech VR has stated that they are bringing back the first three Tomb Raider games for a brand new audience to enjoy.

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If you’re thinking that Realtech VR sounds familiar, it’s because they have previously brought the first two Laura Croft adventures to mobile devices, both of which were fairly well received by the gaming community. With all the hype surrounding the newest Tomb Raider movie, it seems now is the perfect time to capitalize on the success, remastering the first three games for PC via Steam.

That means that Tomb Raider I, II, and III are all planned for free for all those who have previously purchased the titles. Realtech VR has confirmed that the games will require the purchase of the DOS version being sold on Steam, just like ZDoom for playing the DOOM titles. The PC version will also support OpenVR, featuring a new 3D engine for all three games. You can check out the exchange on Twitter where Realtech VR confirmed these remasters below.

No release date has been given for the games yet, however they could very well coincide with the release of the newest Tomb Raider movie to Blu-Ray and DVD. What are your thoughts about these remasters? Will you be picking them up, for free or otherwise when they are released? Let us know in the comments below and keep it locked for updates!