Disco Elysium Coming to Steam Later This Year

Formerly Known As ‘No Truce With The Furies’

A hard-boiled detective CRPG previously known as No Truce With The Furies has gotten a new name and a vague release window. Now known as Disco Elysium, this deep little CRPG is set for release sometime in the second half of 2018.

Disco Elysium

You play a disgraced detective in Revachol West, a seedy city loaded with all sorts of criminals and/or goons. Along with the usual detective activities, such as kicking in doors and interrogating people, you also level up your character’s mind. More specifically, your rational faculties, wits and instincts are all eligible for upgrades as you progress through the story. In turn, this changes what kind of cop you end up becoming.

In total, there are 24 different psychological skills for you to develop or ignore. Presumably, this means you can be either the good cop, the bad cop or the insane cop. The story will be focused on a single open-ended case for you to solve in the manner of your choosing. Also there’s disco? It’s unclear how that will factor into the gameplay, but hopefully we learn more about it closer to release. In the meanwhile, check out the trailer below!

SOURCE: Press Release