The Awe-inspiring Cosplay of Azulette is 100% Hot

The Cosplay of Azulette

Every week, we take a moment to show our appreciation for talented cosplayers. Recently, we’ve featured the amazing work of Nichameleon, Vera Bambi, and Emily Aurelia. This weekend, we’re heading south of the border to Mexico to feature the cosplay of¬†Azulette. Azulette¬†has been cosplaying since 2006 and developed a following of over 100,000 Facebook followers! Azulette is also a fellow gamer and will even play online with you if you join her $50 Patreon. Let’s take a peek at her portfolio!

Azulette Cosplay - 13 - Chun-Li - Article Prime-min


Azulette Cosplay - 03 - Chun-Li-min

Azulette Cosplay - 17 - Quiet-min


Azulette Cosplay - 10 - Quiet-min

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