Super Artsy Adventure Another Sight Coming to This Year’s GDC

Change The Way You Look At The World, Maybe

Lunar Great Wall Studios is bringing art and class to this year’s GDC with Another Sight, an adventure in the exploration of fresh perspectives and artistic expression. I mean, I think they are. The trailer is brief, yet curious.

Another Sight

The aforementioned trailer doesn’t feature anything in the way of gameplay, but it opens with a quote from Claude Monet. Classy! The game will allegedly take players on a journey through the artistic stylings of some of history’s greatest artists. Each time your characters meet another influential painter, the game’s visual palette will adjust itself accordingly. With a premise like that, how involved does the gameplay even need to be?

While we don’t have much to go on at present, Another Sight will be showcased at this year’s GDC, which will hopefully give us some more insight into what the game has to offer. Aside from the unique journey through a procession of incredible artistic styles, of course. There’s no release date yet, but we’ll be getting the game in 2018. And as an added bonus, it’s coming to the Nintendo Switch! That means it’s one more indie game to be absorbed into Nintendo’s bottomless jaws on the company’s endless quest to eventually feature what seems like every single indie game! Check out that trailer below.

SOURCE: Press Release