The Seductive Vera Bambi is a Sizzling Cosplay Sensation

The Cosplay of Vera Bambi

Each week, we like to showcase some of the world’s best cosplayers. Last week, we shared the gorgeous Emily Aurelia and her bikini Overwatch cosplay with our readers. This week, we’re showcasing Vera Bambi. Some models display a modest attitude when it comes to their looks. Not Vera Bambi. Vera Bambi is hot, she knows she’s hot, and she knows you know she’s hot. This stunning seductress from Toronto, Ontario has been modeling since 2009 and has established an impressive following – over 269,000 followers on Facebook alone. While she does all types of modeling, in all states of undress, we’re focusing on her cosplay portfolio.

Vera Bambi - Cosplay - 18 - Article prime-min

Vera Bambi… the icing on the cosplay cake

Vera Bambi - Cosplay - 10-min

The only Cruella thing about this photo is that Vera Bambi will never know my name…

Vera Bambi - Cosplay - 03-min


Vera Bambi - Cosplay - 02-min

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