Episode 3 of Vampyr’s Webseries Reveals More

Dontnod Presents Vampyr – Episode III: Human After All

Last week, we told you about DONTNOD Entertainments four-part web series on Vampyr with a look at Episode II: Architects of the Obscure. As we creep another week closer to the rise of Vampyr, the penultimate episode of the webseries has released with some new gameplay and information.

Episode III, aptly titled as Human After All, focuses on perhaps the most interesting aspect of the series, the balance between being a human doctor and a vampire. As an RPG, Vampyr will feature heavy interaction between the game’s protagonist and the citizens of 1918 London. For protagonist Jonathan Reid to grow strong, the most effective way is to feed on these citizens.

To increase the amount of experience gained, players will be able to cure citizens of diseases and gain insight into their lives. Furthermore, players will be able to hear the dying thoughts of each citizen killed for Reid’s growth. In doing so, these citizens are not meant to be seen as experience points but rather individuals with their own lives within the game. To drive the point home, every citizen kill will affect the districts they reside within, causing certain districts to depopulate due to fear.

With the game’s indication that some of the toughest battles will be within Reid, a look into the aspect of being both a human doctor and a vampire presents intriguing scenarios. Vampyr is set to release this spring on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and the final episode, Stories from the Dark, will release next week.

Source: Press Release