Nintendo Talks About Why LABO Is Made of Cardboard

Other Than The Lowered Production Costs

People have had a lot of questions about Nintendo LABO, including why on Earth the product is made of cardboard. After all, kids are tiny tornadoes of impossible destruction and wrath. Yet, this is one of the questions Nintendo answered during a recent investor Q&A.

According to Shinya Takahashi, their choice of material should be of no surprise, given how many people have used it from a young age “as a material for creating things.” More importantly, Takahashi stated that cardboard is “a very suitable material for the trial and error process.” To that end, it seems like Nintendo is aiming to reproduce an essential element of creation and learning with this upcoming product. I’m sure that many people remember making one thing or another out of cardboard.

This same investor Q&A saw Nintendo addressing issues such as their still-absent online service (for which they had no substantial updates), as well as the animated Mario movie in the works. On this subject, Miyamoto mentioned that him and Chris Meledandri both feel like “if we can’t make something interesting we’ll just call it quits.” This suggests that Nintendo is unlikely to release a terrible movie, or at least what they consider to be a terrible movie. Altogether, it seems like Nintendo is keeping their core philosophies in mind for all their upcoming projects.