Moss Peeks Out for the First Time Since E3 2017

First Look at Moss Gameplay Since E3 2017

At last year’s E3, Moss was first revealed for the PlayStation VR. We were able to go hands-on (video) with the title at that point, but we have yet to see any new gameplay footage since then… until now, courtesy of the team at PlayStation Underground!

In this gameplay video, players will be provided with a showcase of unseen levels, creatures, and features. For those that are unaware, Moss is an adventure title with puzzle elements viewed from the first-person perspective. Players are tasked with leading Quill, a mouse, and navigating him through the environment.


This charming PSVR title appears to be shaping up to be a robust experience, with features being tailored to the gameplay style found in VR titles. For example, the game is built to not require a lot of player movements, and thus everything happening occurs in a reachable space. Furthermore, Quill can communicate with players through American Sign Language, a great feature that makes the game more accessible.

In our aformentioned hands-on with the game, we found that “in a VR landscape filled mostly with first-person, gun-toting action games, Moss might be the breath of fresh VR air we’ve been waiting for.” While we previously reported a release date for this month, an official launch date is still pending.

For more information about Moss, its iMessage sticker pack, or wallpapers, check out the source at the PlayStation Blog. Moss is a PSVR title developed by Polyarc, Inc and is set to release sometime soon!