The Latest Monster Hunter World Update Has Arrived with Fixes

The Game Is Now a Little Less Broken

Capcom has discovered several pesky bugs since last week’s launch, and here’s the latest patch help smoothen out Monster Hunter World. It’s a rather small update, but the sooner you download the sooner you can play online.

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The devs have fixed an issue with the quest “The Encroaching Anjanath” where the quest would not appear on the quest board during online play. A relief since this is one of the earlier quests in the game. Additionally, they’ve made some major readjustment for how Elderseal values. Unfortunately, Capcom wasn’t specific about anything else. The patch notes are available below:

Major Changes

  • Fixed an issue where, in rare cases, the assignment “The Encroaching Anjanath” would not appear on the quest board during online play.
  • Made some readjustments to how Elderseal values are calculated.

Other Changes

The update will also include various minor bug fixes.

Here’s to hoping that Xbox One players will no longer suffer matchmaking issues.

In related news, you still have until February 8th to participate in the Horizon: Zero Dawn event. Simply enter the appropriate quests in-game to earn your exclusivity rewards in the form of Palico equipment. But there’s more to come, so keep it locked for more Monster Hunter World content and updates. And if you have not done so already, check out our review: “A Whole New World of Hunting.”