Learn to Lure Human Women With Super Seducer

Decode The Species’ Many Mysteries This March

Tired of those same old female specimens that populate the screaming hellscape that is your own dimension? Learn to approach and ensnare Earth’s elusive human women with Super Seducer! This upcoming title from RLR Training Inc is heading to the PC and PS4 next month.


Using the techniques described and demonstrated in this highly-detailed courtship simulation, you too can learn the coded language needed to keep those skittish human women from fleeing in mortal terror at the sight of your true form in all of its terrible majesty. With real human courting grounds such as ‘coffee shop,’ ‘bar’ and even ‘library,’ you’ll know exactly what to say and do when the critical moment is upon you.

This simulation features an extensive library of failure scenarios as well. Feel free to say and do whatever you like in order to gain the knowledge you need. Unlike on the actual planet, local law enforcement and military forces will never be summoned! Soon, you too will be able to compel real human women to follow you back to your lair! Super Seducer will be out on PC and PS4 on March 6th, 2018. Check out the trailer below for a better idea of what’s in store for you.

SOURCE: Press Release