Sony Projects Huge God of War ad on NBA Basketball Court

2018 Could Be Filled with New, Creative PS4 Marketing

Sony is really stepping up their marketing campaign with their PS4 exclusives. Recently, we saw them advertise God of War and PlayStation at this year’s Fiesta Bowl, now they’re taking their ads to the courts. In their latest marketing endeavor, Sony grabbed a whole stadium’s attention with a handcrafted trailer projected on the NBA court. You can see what I’m talking about further down below.

The video comes courtesy of Sports World Videos. It showcases a new scene from God of War, projected during the NBA game in Oakland. As you can imagine, an entire court makes for one big screen. Thousands of people laid witness to Kratos and Atreus taking on Norse mythological beings.

As is apparent, Sony is farming more marketing ploys. Now that they’ve brought God of War to the basketball court, who knows where else they’ll take their PS4 lineup. But they did kick off 2018 with a flamboyant TV spot for the PS4 Pro, its first spot ever. If that’s any sign of what the year has in store, then it will be a big commercial year indeed. Thoughts?

What of do you think of the God of War NBA ad? Smart move by Sony? Let us know by commenting down below. And if you haven’t already, you can check out the reveal of the God of War story trailer and premium edition copies of the game.

Happy gaming.