God of War 4 DualShock Controller Might Have Just Leaked

The Return of Kratos in God of War 4 Might Coincide with a Limited Edition DualShock 4

It’s been a few days since fans of God of War 4 stumbled on a Bulgarian retailer’s listing of a limited edition 1TB PS4 Pro. Now, a Reddit user has received a silver DualShock 4 that appears to further confirm the existence of the bundle.

Take a look at the picture below.

Is this the God of War 4 collector’s edition DualShock?

Fans were quick to note that the symbol matches the one on the steel case of the series’ upcoming collector’s edition.

God of War 4’s collector’s edition bundle.

The bundle is currently listed at $129.99 on GameStop. However, a limited edition PS4 bundle hasn’t been announced. The new controller image suggests that this announcement could be close.

You can also purchase a unique bundle from Loot Crate for just $49.99. It contains over $90 in value, including collectibles, apparel, and more. The crate is a one-time deal and is not part of a regular subscription.

The last game in the series, Ascension, could be purchased as a limited edition PS3 500 GB bundle that came with a Garnet Red DualShock 3.

In term of content, God of War 4 is a departure from previous games, with gameplay that was completely rebuilt. Unlike Ascension, it is a single-player only game with an over-the-should free camera. Another big change is the removal of Kratos’ double-chained blades, which are replaced with a magical battle axe. You also have the ability to play as Kratos’ son Atreus. While the game is not open-world, it is more openly designed than the other games in the series.

God of War 4 is set for release on April 20. It shouldn’t be long before the official announcement of a PS4 bundle with a limited edition DualShock 4 if it’s on the way.