DICE Is Rewarding Free Credits in Star Wars Battlefront II

Players Reporting Free Credits after Logging In

Whatever you think of an experience, free stuff is great unless it’s a fist to the face. In this case, it’s DICE delivering free crates to players who’ve experienced issues in Star Wars Battlefront II.

Star Wars Battlefront II: Starfighter Assault 1280

Recently, players in Star Wars Battlefront II opened the game and found themselves greeted by freebies in the form of credits. The following message hit their screens: “Fixes deployed. Sincere apologies. Here are some credits for your inconvenience.” Along with 4,000 credits, players were delivered a set of four randomized star cards. Perhaps there will be more rewards with loot crates on the horizon.

Star Wars Battlefront II suffered a very rocky launch due to the controversy surrounding loot crates. As a result, EA DICE is catering to playerbase smaller than anticipated. That said, they seem to be catering quite well. While it’s not confirmed that every player received free in-game rewards, we can at least confirm that devs are working with them in mind. Better yet, EA DICE is sticking to their promise of delivering free add-on content at no charge. Apparently, the team is even considering the highly-desired Conquest Mode.

There’s a lot more to come in Star Wars Battlefront II, and it will be interesting to watch the game develop. So, check back for updates regarding the next series of in-game events and add-ons. Also, don’t forget to check your rewards the next time you log in.

Happy gaming.