The ‘For Honor’ Playerbase Is Slowly Regaining Its Numbers

Frequent Updates Have Kept Ubisoft’s Competitive Medieval Game Alive

Ubisoft’s For Honor was apparently on the road to crashing when players in the online beta outnumbered those on launch day. Afterward, the game witnessed a steady decline until it was all but dead. Fortunately for players and Ubisoft, the devs have stuck to their guns throughout.


According to Ubisoft’s latest earning’s report, For Honor is witnessing a 7.5 million-strong playerbase. Monthly, they’re recording a total of 1-million unique players online. The new rise in player activity is attributed to frequent updates and new content. Through consistent patching and DLC in the form of in-game Seasons, Ubisoft has managed to keep users engaged. Further, the devs have promised dedicated servers, which could be enough to renew interest from veterans and newbies alike.

While we’re on the subject of Seasons and dedicated servers, Ubisoft will be bringing the new Age of Wolves to PC and consoles this month. With age of wolves, there will be changes to classes, new items, and new modes. PC players, specifically, shall acquire dedicated servers before they make their way to consoles. Expect more news then and beyond as Ubisoft makes more announcements.

With more players returning to the fold, perhaps now is as good a time as any to jump into For Honor. Thoughts? Feel free to comment down below.

Happy gaming.