First Trailer for the Spider-Man Standalone, ‘Venom,’ just dropped

The Famous Comic Book Villain gets Teased

You probably missed him in Marvel vs Capcom; you probably disliked him in Spider-Man 3, but he’s here now. The standalone film set in the Spideyverse (by extension the MCU) has arrived. Here’s the teaser trailer for Sony’s Venom, starring Tom Hardy.

This is our first standalone film in the Spider-Man universe that doesn’t star Spider-Man. Of course, this is the story of one of the most heralded anti-heroes in comic book history. Therefore, it’s no wonder this film has been in planning stages for years. But here’s finally something tangible, and that’s worth witnessing. That said, it is a substantial bummer that we have to wait for trailer 2 to arrive before actually witnessing Eddy Brock wearing the Symbiote.

Prior to Sony and Marvel’s collaboration, all hints indicated that the primary villain of a Venom standalone would be Carnage. Anything could have changed between then and now, but it’s a solid choice as far as plots go. Another mystery is how involved the events of this film shall be with what’s occurred in the MCU, if at all. The tone of this trailer may say otherwise. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below. And tell us your anticipation for this film.