Fear The Wolves Gunning For The Battle Royale Throne in 2018

100-Player Battles in Chernobyl, You Say?

2018 is looking like the year of the Battle Royale game. With PUBG and Fortnite still going strong, we’ll be getting a new contender in the form of Fear The Wolves, coming your way from Focus Home Interactive and Vostok Games. Why, that’s almost enough for a Battle-Royale-title tournament of sorts!

Fear The Wolves

So what’s new and different about this entry in the Battle Royale battlefield? Fear The Wolves will be set in Chernobyl. More specifically, battles will take place in a radiation-soaked version of Chernobyl that’s full of mutant horrors and serious environmental hazards. While you’ll still have the usual 100-player battles, presumably the addition of so many other awful creatures will help separate Wolves from the genre’s heavy hitters.

Unfortunately, we don’t have much in the way of other details just yet. More information will be unveiled at the What’s Next De Focus press event in Paris. Presently, the developers are aiming for a 2018 release date, with Steam Early Access coming sometime in 2018. If you’re unimpressed at the prospect of yet another Battle Royale title, surely the idea of adding mutants and radiation poisoning to the mix has a tiny bit curious.

SOURCE: Press Release