Spy Thriller ‘Fear Effect Sedna’ Gets Release Date For X1, PS4 and Switch with Stunning New Trailer

The Kickstarter-Backed Sequel to the PS1 Classic Comes out on March 6th

The release date for Fear Effect Sedna, the sequel to the beloved PS1 series, was announced as March 6th and a new trailer for the game was released on Tuesday.

“Fear Effect Sedna generated an amazing response from fans of the series when we ran our Kickstarter, and with the support of Square Enix Collective and co-producer Forever Entertainment, we’re excited to see just what they make of it come release,” said Benjamin Anseaume, founder of Sushee, in a press release.

“Developing Fear Effect Sedna has really brought the team here at Sushee together, and that’s exactly what the gameplay is about,” he continued.

“Each character has different special weapons and the game includes a paused tactical mode to control different team members at the same time and give orders to work as a team,” said Anseaume.

Anseaume explained that the approach remains faithful to the core gameplay of the original games but still feels “very 2018.”


“2018 is a big year for Fear Effect and a big year for Collective alike,” says Phil Elliott, Director of Indie Publishing at Square Enix West.

“When Square Enix launched Collective, one of the goals was to see if opening up some of our established IP to benefit indie studios, and it’s great to see how Sushee have gone about the task,” Elliott said.

Elliot went on to say that Fear Effect Sedna is “going to be an important chapter in our story for that very reason”.

He added that this year, gamers were going to reconnect “with the world of Hana, Rain, Glas and Deke.”

Fear Effect Sedna will be out on the Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

The French developer is also working on Fear Effect Reinvented, a remaster of the first game, for the same platforms.

What do you think of the footage that’s been released so far? If you’re a series fan then what are you thinking about this upcoming sequel? Let us know in the comments!