Destiny 2: Trials of the Nine Player Count is Alarmingly Low

Destiny 2: Trials of the Nine Drops To All-Time Low Player Count

It hasn’t been smooth sailing for Bungie. Destiny 2 enjoyed a successful launch as one of 2017’s top-selling games, but it seems praise was limited to the first couple of weeks. Since then it’s been a relentless fury of fan backlash over just about every single content drop. Despite Bungie’s promises that they’ve learned from their mistakes, they just seem to keep making them. And the numbers don’t lie.

The player count for Bungie’s baby has been on the decline and it appears the Trials of the Nine event has hit a record low. When you consider Trials of the Nines is one of the most anticipated post-campaign events, the news is certainly disappointing. This does not bode well for the future of the game either when you consider season three and the new expansion on the horizon.

At the time we published this story, the player count was at the record low amount of 77,814 players. With the following breakdown:

  • PlayStation: 46,165
  • Xbox One: 24,161
  • PC: 7,488

Destiny 2

When you further consider Destiny 2 has been out for 5 months, the numbers are cause for concern. As of right now, the numbers posted are half of the player count that the first Destiny had even years after its release. Ouch!

So why the mass exodus? Is PvP is not worth the rewards? Have players moved on to the games like Monster Hunter, PUBG or Fornite?

Bungie has been hard at work listening to fans and making adjustments. The developer detailed changes coming to help speed up the flow of PvP from its current slow pace. With multiple updates scheduled throughout the year, Bungie hopes to bring players back.

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