Black Panther Crushes Thursday Night Box Office Records; Aiming for a $200M Weekend

Black Panther Breaking Records

Marvel’s Black Panther is finally in theaters. Backed by a bangin’ soundtrack from Kendrick Lamar, the movie is destined to be a smash hit. So much so that today we learned Marvel Studios’ Black Panther has already entered the record books after a single night in U.S. theaters.

The Black Panther Featured

The first solo movie featuring Marvel’s African avenger took in a whopping $25 million on Thursday. That is nearly double the $12.7 million record for a February preview night set in 2016 by Twentieth Century Fox’s R-rated comic book flick “Deadpool.”

This is simply fantastic news for those who have been anticipating this film and great news for the industry.

Keep in mind this is only a February record as “Avengers: Age of Ultron” has earned more in Thursday night previews. But honestly, who cares, this is Black Panther is already outperforming expectations.

The good news does not end there. Black Panther performed even stronger than expected on Friday. The movie brought in a first-day domestic estimate of $75.8 million, according to industry sources. That would be the 8th biggest day in Hollywood history. If that trend holds, the movie could pull in a massive $200 million U.S. opening over the 4-day Presidents Day weekend. That number is up sharply from a previous estimate of $150 million just a week ago.

The movie is the 18th installment in Marvel’s series of interconnected superhero films, but it has injected fresh energy into the franchise.

What do you think? Are you going to see the movie? If you have, what did you think?