Xbox One Outsold PS4 This past Holiday (Switch Is Still on Top)

Is This a Turning Point in Microsoft Sales Numbers?

No, it’s not Doomsday but there’s no denying that this console generation has been rocky for Microsoft. Since the Xbox One has been outsold by PlayStation at nearly every turn, it comes as a surprise that one of the biggest months of the year has seen a reversal. This may be due, in no small part, to the arrival of the Xbox One X.

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Now that Microsoft is has set the most powerful console on store shelves, it seems both industry and populace want 4K gaming. Holiday shoppers in North America like their high-end specs, which has worked well in Microsoft’s favor. Because of their great performance this season, Xbox’s head of marketing took the time to thankΒ fans on Twitter.

Fact snipers being what they are, many entered the comments section to ask for specifics. At the time of this writing, the NPD numbers Greenberg refers to haven’t been published. Apparently, he had a peek at the chart, so claims the Xbox One’s sales numbers were even higher than PlayStation 4’s. If that’s true (and we have no reason to believe he’s lying), that’s mighty impressive. Sony just reported a hugely successful year and holiday sales numbers, so for the Xbox One to surpass their December numbers says a lot about where the console stands.

Every console did well this season, but kudos to Microsoft for their newfound success. Maybe 2018 will be a standout year for them? We’ll see where they land when compared to competition. While it did incredibly well, the Nintendo Switch still managed to top holiday console salesβ€”it’s also the fastest-selling console in North America. With both retain their momentum? What about the PlayStation 4? Time will tell.