Ubisoft Getting Into The Personal Assistant Game With ‘Sam’

Harvested User Data Is Here To Save The Day!

You can’t be a real monolithic corporation without a personal assistant for your users to depend on. never mind Alexa or Siri, Ubisoft is bringing you Sam! That’s right, Ubisoft is going to change the way you game with a performance-monitoring AI! Yay……

Ubisoft Personal Assistant

If there’s anything you want to know about any of Ubisoft’s games, Sam is there to help! Presumably, Sam will be there in the background as well, helping collect your data in order to offer ever more accurate advice on whatever problems you may have in relation to the newest Assassin’s Creed game. In fact, Sam will even get proactive about its assistance.

Struggling in a particular game? Sam will monitor your performance and proactively send you video links tailored to your particular issue. In other words, get ready for some condescending advice from an AI who just wants to make sure you’re doing your best. Imagine what a shock that would be, getting some ‘helpful’ information on a game when you didn’t even think you were doing that bad. If this ends up becoming a trend, expect to see a lot more major companies offering help in the form of hoovered up user data. You can grab the app for free through the Ubisoft Club mobile app.

SOURCE: Press Release