Avert Your Eyes, Children: Secret of Mana Remake Getting An E10+ Rating

‘Moderate Amounts of Cleavage’ Inbound According To ESRB

Citizens, rejoice! The Secret of Mana remake is scarcely over a month away! This of course, means a rating from ESRB. Apparently Secret of Mana is getting an… E10+? Maybe I’m remembering that game wrong. Actually, what does a game have to feature in order to qualify for an E10+ rating?

From the ESRB website:

This is a role-playing game in which a group of fighters must defeat an evil empire by restoring a magical sword. From an overhead perspective, players explore areas (e.g., villages, forests, caves), interact with characters, and battle fantastical creatures (e.g., oversized insects, monsters, dragons). Characters use swords, axes, and magic spells to defeat enemies in real-time combat; battles are highlighted by impact sounds, light effects, and cries of pain. A handful of characters wear outfits that reveal moderate amounts of cleavage; characters occasionally make mildly suggestive comments (e.g., “Maybe I’m not…filled out like she is, but I’ve got a great personality!”)

Oh. Well, alright then. On the one hand, leave it to the ESRB to make Secret of Mana sound almost boring. On the other hand, you know they had to sit around and carefully consider whether the ‘amount of cleavage’ being shown was mild, moderate or severe. Arguments were had. Various factors were measured against one another. Anyhoo, Square Enix’s Secret of Mana remake is set for release on February 15th, 2018 on PS4, PS Vita and the PC.