Sea of Thieves Closed Beta Is Starting At the End of the Month

For Those Who Are in the Insider Programme or Have Pre-Ordered the Game

Rare has finally confirmed that the Closed Beta for Sea of Thieves is happening at the end of the month.

The Closed Beta will begin on January 24th from 12 PM GMT and end on January 29th at 8 AM GMT. For those not used to the UK time zone, that’s 4 AM on January 24th to 12 AM on January 29th PST. Rare is promising a “full five days of sailing, shanties and shenanigans.” The Closed Beta is only a slice of the full game as the company is hoping to save some surprises for launch on March 20th.

If you’d like to take part in the Sea of Thieves Closed Beta you’ll either need to have signed up for its Insider Programme before December 1st, 2017 (we reported on this some time ago) or have pre-ordered the game. If you feel like you may have missed the window to get in on the beta, there may be some hope for you. Pre-ordering from Amazon won’t charge your card right away, so it is possible to pre-order Sea of Thieves, get and play the Closed Beta, then cancel your order after. Or don’t if you enjoy it!

An Xbox Live account is also required to play the game on Windows 10, and an Xbox Live Gold membership is required for Xbox One.

Rare is also reminding people that the Closed Beta is not covered by an NDA which means players can freely stream, create videos, share clips, and take screenshots as much as they’d like. If all goes well, they’re hoping to share some of their favourites on social media and their website.

Will you be participating in the Closed Beta at all? Sound off in the comments below.