Rumors Abound Regarding The Next Firmware Update For The Switch

Cloud Storage Would Be Amazing If This Is Real

There’s a video making the rounds which claims to have an early look at the next firmware update for the Nintendo Switch. Version 5.0 looks like it has a few fascinating new features, assuming the leak is a legitimate one. There’s even a glimpse of some cloud storage!

Nintendo Switch next firmware update

Twitter user Wario64 posted the aforementioned video, along with some curious screenshots, yesterday on Twitter. It’s impossible to determine just how accurate this rumor is, although the dashboard looks legit. The new features highlighted include new themes, cloud storage, console-installed party chat and a folder system.

With a Nintendo Direct coming up… soon, this alleged firmware update would be a great talking point. Any one of these features would be a terrific addition to the Switch’s dashboard. Hopefully this leak is either confirmed or cut down by Nintendo themselves. Fingers crossed that the Cloud Storage addition ends up being legitimate. Even if it ends up being attached to some sort  of crushing subscription fee, gamers need an alternative solution for keeping their data accessible and secure. Perhaps the cloud storage system and the online subscription will end up tied into a single monthly payment? The video has since been removed, though the screenshots are still available for your perusal and subsequent judgment.