Planetoid Pioneers, the Physicsvania, Is Leaving Steam Early Access

Build a Game in a Game with this Indie Game

From Data Realms comes a gameplay experience that’s so unique they made a new word for it: Physicsvania. Presenting Planetoid Pioneers, where you explore new worlds and make a sandbox out of each and every one of them, and the game is leaving Early Access.

Planetoid Pioneers is a new IP whose development came from the hands of AAA industry veterans…and users. Much of what is available in the game came from the minds of developers and fans who wanted to fill it with all sorts of creative instruments and destructibles. It’s a Metroidvania with a heavy emphasis on physics. Things will tumble, fall, and die with exceptional realism, which makes gameplay all the more entertaining. At launch, there will be over half a dozen different worlds to explore. As soon as you land, each shall become your oyster.

As revealed in a press release, Planetoid Pioneers comes with commercial-grade editing tools that allow players to uniquely craft their own experience. Create your own weapons, vehicles, and people. That’s right, people. Once you drop into a world, you practically become God. Or the Devil; play how you want. Moreover, you can share the content you create with other users on Steam.

“Between user-generated content and the custom physics engine we built for Planetoid Pioneers, there’s a lot of room for fun wackiness to emerge,” said Dan Tabar, Founder, Data Realms. “Players can create whatever they desire to overcome the challenges of each planetoid and experience a personalized inter-astreroidal journey.”

Find the full version of Planetoid Pioneers on Steam and the Humble Store on February 8. Anyone who owns the Early Access version will automatically be upgraded to the launch version, which comes with the Crush2D live-editing tools unlocked. Find it for 19.99 USD / €19.99. You can visit the official website for more info.