Papercraft RPG Popup Dungeon Gets New Trailer

Make Any Hero You Darn Well Please

Freedom is both a blessing and a curse when it comes to RPGs. Too many options and you end up doing nothing at all, too few options and you end up bored. Popup Dungeon, an upcoming papercraft RPG, give you unlimited creative freedom – so long as what you make is made out of paper squares. It’s a nice middle ground, really.

Popup Dungeon

When I say ‘complete creative freedom,’ I absolutely mean it, too. You can make characters, enemies, items and weapons. Imagine making a Dungeons and Dragons campaign set in an adorable paper realm and you get the idea. There are pre-built tile sets that come with the game, or you can cook up your own. I mean, as much as I want another game set in ‘post-apocalyptic urban wasteland,’ I’m glad we’ll be able to break away from that particular mold.

The game won’t be coming out until next winter, leaving players tons of time to come up with custom tile set ideas. The trailer is embedded below, if you want a look at the basic combat mechanics. Beyond the dizzying ability to do whatever you wish, the spellcrafting system looks quite robust. Here’s hoping late 2018 gets here soon.

SOURCE: Press Release