Nintendo Direct Round-Up; Everything New Coming to Nintendo Switch

January Nintendo Direct Arrives

So, Nintendo just dropped their Nintendo Direct. Though it wasn’t quite the spectacle I thought it might be, they did deliver on the hype-worthy news. Here’s what you and your Nintendo Switch have to look forward to this year.

The World Ends With You: Final Remix

The World Ends with You

The World Ends with You, the Nintendo DS Classic, is coming to the Nintendo Switch. The highly stylized and artistically rendered Action RPG will even come with a new scenario that delves deeper into the story. No release date has been announced, but it will arrive this year.

Top 12 Nintendo Switch Games Fall 2017 - Pokken Tournament DX - Article

Pokken Tournament

Aegislash is coming to Pokken Tournament. The Pokemon that changes between forms is coming via paid DLC to the Nintendo Switch. Additionally, we’ll see Mega Rayquaza and support Pokemon Mimikyo. But wait, this was only “Wave 1” of what is the Pokken Tournament Battle Pack. A 2nd wave includes Blastoise, Mew, and Celebi. Wave 1 arrives January 31 and Wave 2 arrives on March 23.

Kirby Switch

Kirby Star Allies

A flurry of new in-game abilities has been revealed for Kirby Star Allies. There is the new “Artist” ability that lets you paint your own smackdowns and there’s the “Spider” ability that lets you ensnare enemies. Better yet, you can mix and match friend abilities to perform ultra new combos. It’s going to get hectic. But, aside from blasting down enemies, the new combo abilities will allow access to new areas where new enemies await. Find everything on March 16, when Kirby Star Allies arrives for Nintendo Switch.

Hyrule Warriors

The definitive version of Hyrule Warriors is coming to the Nintendo Switch. All maps, heroes, and DLC will be made available; we’re talking content from both the DS and Wii U version, with a total of 29 characters. You will also be able to play with any friend anytime. And if you so choose, you can team up with a buddy by splitting Joy-Cons and playing on a single screen. Lastly, new Link and Zelda outfits from Breath of the Wild are being added to the game. Find Hyrule Warriors for the Nintendo Switch this Spring.

Mario Tennis Aces

The first Mario Tennis on the Nintendo Switch comes with its first Story Mode. Updates will come with time, but you can find it in Spring 2018.

Ys VIII NIS America

Ys VIII Lacrimosa of DANA

Ys VIII Lacrimosa of DANA is an action RPG that tells the story of two souls split yet united by fate. This latest installment of a critically acclaimed series is coming to the Nintendo Switch this Summer. While it’s previously been released for PS4 and Xbox One, this will be your first chance to play it on the go.

Super Mario Odyssey

A free update is coming to Super Mario Odyssey, and it’s filled with balloons. That’s right; you have 30 seconds to hide a balloon in the world before a player must find it. Then, roles reverse. Find the balloons hidden by your opponent before time runs out. This near challenge offers a bit of competition in the Marioverse. Additionally, the update will come with new outfits and new filters for Snapshot Mode. The update will hit Nintendo Switch this February.

SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy

Here’s a fighting game where players can customize hardcore woman and beat each other down. Select from a cast of butt-kicking heroines, as the name entails, and throwdown with opponents in tag-team matches that require more than just taking down HP. You can customize your favorite characters as you see fit in this stunning fighting game. Find it on Nintendo Switch this Summer.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is getting new downloadable content, and it focuses on one of Nintendo’s leading characters. Donkey Kong is entering the turn-based strategy game, with a new story to boot. Find the DLC this Spring.

Payday 2 Big Score

Payday 2

Yep. Payday 2 is coming with new features so that players can rob banks like never before. New perks, modes, and ways of plays are coming to the Nintendo Switch on February 27.


The platforming, open-world adventure, Fe, is coming to the hybrid console. Previously announced for other platforms, this is the first news of the IP reaching the Nintendo Switch. Players will be able to sing across a beautiful expanse on February 16.


“A modern take on the action platformer,” Celeste is the story of Madeline, who can pretty much climb everything and dash like nobody’s business. Play in old-fashioned pixels this month, January 25.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze will debut on the Switch, and it will do so with a new mode. Nintendo being Nintendo, the game still comes with two-player co-op, but players can utilize spit Joy-Cons to play together. The game arrives for Nintendo Switch on May 4.

Dark Souls Remastered

It’s finally been announced. From Software’s original Dark Souls experience is coming remastered for the Nintendo Switch. Find it on May 25, 2018.

Did any particular title catch your interest during this Nintendo Direct? Let us know, and stay tuned for more Nintendo updates as we enter the new year.