A New Nintendo Direct May Be Coming on January 11th

New Info Suggests a New Nintendo Direct Is Coming Next Week

Thanks to some recently uncovered information, it looks like a new Nintendo Direct is being planned for January 11th.

There is some evidence to support this but we won’t know for certain until an official confirmation has been made. It all started at the end of November when a leaked memo from Electronic Arts promised that a new Nintendo Direct would happen in January and that Fe would be making its way to the Switch. The site Cheap Ass Gamer also uncovered a bunch of Nintendo Switch game placeholders on Amazon that curiously says ‘just announced at the Switch event.’ The listings have since been removed.

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Over on ResetEra, a user known by John Harker revealed that the Direct is scheduled for January 11th but backpedalled slightly by saying the timing could’ve been changed. Despite this, the site staff has been able to confirm that his source is reliable and was even able to verify the information.

As is the case with most rumours, we suggest taking this with a grain of salt until the Big N makes an announcement. On the other hand, Nintendo held a Direct last year at this time so it is entirely possible that this rumour has some credibility. If Nintendo is planning a Direct, it would be a great chance to show the world what’s coming to the Switch in 2018. Last year was one of the company’s best years ever for software and fans have been wondering if 2018 could possibly top it.

What are you hoping to see from a Nintendo Direct? Drop a comment down below.