Monster Hunter World is Incredibly Small; File Size Revealed

Monster Hunter World File Size Revealed

Monster Hunter World is coming for PS4 and Xbox One this month, January 26, and many of us cannot wait to go head-to-head with some badass monsters. Today, we learned just how big the game will be. According to the Japanese box art, the Monster Hunter World file size will be much smaller than anticipated.

The image shows that Capcom’s upcoming action role-playing game will only take up 16GB of HDD space on PS4 at launch. So needless to say, Monster Hunter World file size is not a monster. Considering Monster Hunter World is supposed to be a huge game, we’re surprised it’s not much larger. This being said you can probably expect a launch day update, and subsequent large updates post-release. This is a given.

As we told you a few days ago, the game’s beta will begin on January 18th and end on the 22nd, just a few days before launch day. It will include the monsters from the previous beta: Great Jagras, Anjanath and Barroth. But it will also include the IPs new signature behemoth, Nergigante.

Also, there will be free post-launch DLC for Monster Hunter World. We will start seeing this in Spring 2018. One of the free confirmed add-ons is none other than popular monster Deviljho. When he’s not devouring players, this brute is busy devouring other monsters. That is to say, players will be hunting new beasts over the course of the year.