The Messenger: Epic Metroidvania Lets You Ninja from 8 to 16-Bit

A Metroidvania in the Style of Old NES and SNES Games, but Better

From the talented folk over at Sabotage studio comes a new Metroidvania inspired by classic NES and SNES gameplay. Since you will find neither in stores, you can play this on Windows 10 and console later this year. Presenting The Messenger, an action-platformer where you take on the role of an awesome ninja in a quirky world.

Messenger Metroidvania

Despite not being released yet, The Messenger has gone ahead and won multiple awards. Those include awards for music and level design, and if you play the game you’ll easily figure out why. As a love letter to retro games, this ninja tale takes shape through 8-bit pixels. But, in the blink of an eye, you can move forward in time. What’s neat about this mechanic is that the entire game transitions to 16-bit pixels as a reflection of the time shift. Once you’re in 16-bit, you gain access to a myriad of abilities that no pixel platformer has any business having. Nevertheless, Sabotage has done it.

With The Messenger, not only are we looking at unique and engaging gameplay but fantastic music, amusing characters, and an epic tale of ninjutsu badassery.

The Messenger is Sabotage’s first game and a love letter to the beloved retro-console games from the late 80s and early 90s,” said Martin Brouard, Co-Founder of Sabotage Studio. “The early feedback we received at the Montreal Independent Games Festival and the Montreal International Game Summit has been overwhelmingly positive. Now we can’t wait for the rest of the world to experience The Messenger later this year!”

“I’ve wanted to make a game like The Messenger since I was eight years old,” said Thierry Boulanger, Co-Founder of Sabotage Studio. “Together at Sabotage we set out to make the kind of game that inspired us to get into the industry in the first place, with an over the top story, arcade-style challenges and visually striking pixel art. The Messenger is that game, and we’re thrilled to finally announce and share it with a like-minded audience that loves new games inspired by generations of classic video game greatness.”

Key Features Include:

  • The Way of the Ninja: Challenging retro-inspired gameplay with tight platforming controls put players on the path of becoming an ultimate ninja master.
  • Nostalgic Art Design: Travel seamlessly through time with shifts between authentic 8-bit and 16-bit pixel art environments and gameplay reminiscent of fan-favorite NES and SNES games.
  • Colorful, Over-the-Top Characters: The Messenger features a memorable cast of (often silly) villains, bosses and low-level goons.
  • Catchy Soundtrack: Renowned musician and audio wizard Eric “Rainbowdragoneyes” Brown is responsible for all of The Messenger’s audio, most importantly its trademark chiptune soundtrack. The entire soundtrack was made using Famitracker, providing an authentic and timeless NES vibe.
  • Play, Play and Play Again: Replay the game with all upgrades from previous runs to discover hidden levels and new story arcs.

Expect news more news and a release window for The Messenger as time goes by. But, before you go, let us know: is this the type of retro-style game you’d explore? Comment down below.