Macabre Bomberman Clone Brawl Hitting The Switch This Friday

Think Less Cute, More Creepy

If you’re in the mood for a more macabre Bomberman, you’re in luck! Also, what on Earth led you to this point? Brawl is coming to the Nintendo Switch this Friday, bringing all the bombs and casual horror imagery you could ever hope for.

Brawl macabre Bomberman Switch

Brawl takes place in the Emporium, which looks like a great place to dismember a body or store a whole bunch of crates. There’s a variety of characters you can play as with different styles, such as the Wrestler or the Thief. It’s unclear how these different archetypes handle explosive devices, but there’s clearly many layers of nuance to explore.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Bomberman-type game without some savage multiplayer to get into. There’s five different game modes to mess around with, including one called… Sumo? Like, are you setting off explosives with your stomping feet? I really hope it’s that. Brawl comes out for the Nintendo Switch on January 12th in North America and January 19th in Europe. Take a look at all the multi-coloured violence in the trailer below.

SOURCE: Press Release