Horizon: Zero Dawn Reaches 4 Million Sold Units Worldwide

And It Deserved More…

Nothing like a new milestone for a new IP. New estimates say that Horizon: Zero Dawn, the PlayStation 4 exclusive from Sony Interactive Entertainment and Guerrilla Games, has topped 4 million units sold.

The estimates come directly from the VGChartz (which are usually pretty accurate). According to their data, Horizon: Zero Dawn sold a total of  322,686 on the week ending on November 25th, rounding out the worldwide sales to 4,193,428. The sales were then broken down by region. The highest number of units sold was in Europe, where the game shifted 2.03 million units – 48%. In the US, it sold 1.19 million units -28% of worldwide sales. And in Japan, it sold 0.23 million Units – 5%.

Horizon: Zero Dawn Top Screen map

Keep in mind, the total recorded sales for Horizon: Zero Dawn are for retail, physical copies. The grand total is up for speculation, but you can be sure it’s pretty high. An additional 2 million copies sold would probably account for digital units. But hey, I’m just spitballing here. Horizon: Zero dawn has received numerous accolades and was even nominated for a Game of the Year Award. All things considered, a sequel could be in the works.

Along with reaching its sales milestone in November, Horizon: Zero Dawn re-released in the form a Complete Edition, which you can find on Amazon here.