Good News, Everyone! Mad Catz Is Back!

It’ll Be Like They Never Even Left, You Guys

After a short time away, Mad Catz has returned! This is good news for anyone looking to re-populate their PC gaming environment with some new gear that isn’t from one of the other two big names in PC peripherals. The company is even expanding into keyboards! Or I’ve just never noticed that they make keyboards before.

Mad Catz is Back Good News Everyone

Why does any of this even matter? Well, one of the products Mad Catz used to manufacture was the R.A.T. line of gaming mice, a glorious modular device that you could configure to perfection. This particular line of mice also has the distinct advantage of looking like a transforming Japanese robot. The newest version of the R.A.T. mouse will be connected to a charging pad, giving you wireless goodness without restraining nonsense like ‘charging’ or ‘batteries.’

All of these new products will be shown off in the next week once CES 2018 kicks off. That show will be happening between January 9th and January 12th, during which Mad Catz will showcase their upcoming product line with some additional details, hopefully including release dates, specs and price points. Also they’ve got a new headset, which seems unimportant when propped up next to transforming mecha-mice.

SOURCE: Press Release