Geekology 101: The Coolest Gadgets, Tech and Toys to Buy This Week

A Complete Buying Guide for the Discerning Geek in All of Us

Well, the holidays have come and gone, and somehow you managed to still have some of your Christmas money left over. Well done! But then the horror sets in: you’ve got all the games you want, and you haven’t even played half of them. Your heart races, and sweat trickles down your brow. You need to spend that cash quick … but on what?!

Don’t panic – we at COGconnected are here to help, with a Complete Buying Guide to all the coolest stuff out there – besides games – that will make you the envy of geeks everywhere. From Star Wars, to AI, to VR, there’s something here to blow everyone’s budget.


  1. Amazon Echo Show

In case you haven’t heard, AI is taking over the world, and I for one welcome our new robot overlords. Take the Amazon Echo Show. It’s got Alexa built in, so you can control everything in your home from the lights, to music, to your TV. Plus, the Show has a gorgeous screen, and we all know everything is better with a screen. Buy 2 of them right now, and you’ll even save $100.00.

Order the Echo Show on Amazon for $229.99 here.

2.  PlayStation VR Worlds Headset Bundle

Sony has extended the holiday price cut for its industry-leading VR headset, and it’s never been a better time to try it out. This is the first-gen headset, but don’t worry, the newer model isn’t much different other than some minor tweaks. This VR Worlds bundle gives you everything you need, including the headset, camera, Move controllers, and a VR Worlds game that offers hours of gameplay. Trust us, once you go VR, you’ll never go back.

Order the PlayStation VR Worlds bundle for $364.99 here.

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3. Spider Man 3D Wall Art Nightlight

Looking to impress that hot date? Bring them home and show them your cool Spider Man 3D Wall Nightlight, and it’ll be a done deal. It comes fully assembled, and uses a battery for power, so there’s no annoying cords or plugs to get in the way. This is so much more than a simple wall light – it’s a statement. And for the price, you really can’t afford not to get this.

Order the Spider Man 3D Wall Art Nightlight for $35.00 here.

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4. RIF6 Cube Mini Projector

This little guy turns any space into an awesome entertainment zone. Despite its teeny-tiny size – it’s only 8 inches high – it can project a huge 120-inch image onto any surface. It works with smartphones and gaming consoles, and it can literally fit in your pocket; so now, gaming and movie watching on the big screen can be done any time and anywhere. Trust us, you’ll be the envy of all your friends when you pull out this bad-boy at the next gaming night!

Order the RIF6 Cube Mini Projector for $229.99 here.

5. Lightsaber Chopsticks

Hey, even Jedi have to eat sometime, and when they’re sampling sashimi at the Cantina, there’s no more perfect utensil than Lightsaber Chopsticks. For less than $15, you get 2 pairs in red and blue (sorry Mace Windu fans, no purple), so you’ll be able to share with your Sith buddy. Batteries are included, but of course you’ll have to be careful when washing them (the price of being a Jedi I guess). Turn any meal into a life-and-death duel with these cool utensils!

Order Lightsaber Chopsticks for $13.87 here. 

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Stay tuned here for more great Geek buying guides, as we find you the coolest, techiest, awesomest gear, toys and gadgets to spend your hard-earned money on! And don’t forget our weekly game deals as well!