EA Confirms Anthem Will Release in 2019, and a New Battlefield Title Will Officially Drop This Fall

Ea Has Confirmed a New Battlefield Game for Later This Year, as They Reveal a 2019 Release for Anthem 

A few short days ago we told you about some brand new details about Bioware’s highly anticipated title Anthem. Today, during their Q3 earnings call today Electronic Arts has confirmed reports that have been flying around for a while about a possible release delay are true.


That’s right, EA has confirmed that Anthem will not be released until 2019. Instead of the original release window of sometime at the end of this year, EA officially confirmed that Anthem will release in Q1 2019, or Q4 of its 2019 fiscal year. This means it will be released before the end of March 2019. It’s not all bad news however, as it was revealed that a new Battlefield game will debut this fall!

EA believe that Anthem, a new title not already established as a franchise, would perform better in a quieter quarter rather than the busiest quarter of the year. Blake Jorgensen, EA’s Chief Financial Officer, was quick to address the announcement of the release date for what it actually is. He told the Wall Street Journal, “It’s not a delay, people are trying to create a story.”¬†You can find the tweet from the Wall Street Journal below.

Though it may not be a ‘delay’ in the most obvious sense of the word, initial reveal plans for Anthem did have the game set to release for the fall of this year. As such, any change to a later date would of course be considered a delay by fans eagerly awaiting the drop of the newest Bioware title. Regardless, it seems the newest Batlefield title, though details are pretty non-existent, will keep fans busy in the mean time!

Do you think EA is making the right choice moving back the date of Anthem? And are you excited about a new Battlefield game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and keep it locked for updates!