Dark Souls: Remastered Runs at 1080p 30fps on Your TV (Switch Port)

Were You Hoping for Better Performance?

Yesterday, during Nintendo’s mini Nintendo DirectDark Souls: Remastered was announced for the Nintendo Switch; thus, many fans rejoiced over the chance to suffer on the go. Now, what will this game look like? Unfortunately, Bandai Namco hasn’t clarified how the game will perform while on the move. At the very least, we know how it will do when docked.

Dark Souls Xbox 360

According to the publisher, Dark Souls: Remastered for the Switch will run at 1080p 30fps. Now, some of you were probably hoping for better frames, specifically 60fps. Since devs are always working to make Switch games function optimally docked or undocked, 60 fps is near impossible. Nevertheless, we’re still getting a better-looking game than the original, with more content, and that’s something to write home about.

Though it’s unclear just how Dark Souls: Remastered will perform undocked, my bet is that the Switch will run it at a standard 720p 30 fps (which isn’t bad). Expect to be updated on the performance, accordingly. And…expect the game to arrive on May 25, 2018. But before you go, let us know your thoughts and speculation on Dark Souls: Remastered’s performance. Comment down below.

Praise the Sun.