Blasters of the Universe Bringing 90’s Bullet Hell to PSVR

You Can Almost Taste the 90’s On This One

For some people, virtual reality let them down the moment they discovered it wouldn’t be exactly like Lawnmower Man. Admittedly this game also fails to fulfill that incredibly specific dream. But! It does come pretty close. Now, it’s even easier to live out those wild dreams, as Blasters of the Universe is coming to PSVR.

blasters of the universe top

For those of you keeping track, there’s now three different systems on which you can dive into the neon 90’s wonderland that this game provides. Three different avenues to cringe into a coma listening to the villain wax malicious with what are surely the most embarrassing insults ever recited into a microphone. I mean, worse ones may exist, but why subject yourself to that? These are already pretty bad.

Blasters of the Universe will be coming to the PSVR on February 27th, 2018. The game is also available on the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, if this Playstation thing is just too repugnant for you. If Grand Master Alwyn and his cutting wit become too much for you, consider that an extra impetus to annihilate him from the face of the universe once and for all.

SOURCE: Press Release