Arcade Cloud, Dedicated Gaming Channel, Announced for Twitch TV

24/7 Gaming Content with a Cosmic Twist

Today Omnia Media announced the launch of their 24/7 gaming channel, Arcade Cloud. This dedicated channel will function as the go-to realm for Twitch gamers and viewers of video game content. This social video service brings with it dozens of hours of new game media. Best of all, it’s free.

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If you so choose, you can tune into Arcade Cloud with ad-free viewing. By doing so, you gain immediate access to the wealth of content being offered. We’re talking hours and hours of animated and live-action gaming videos. Soon, there will be over three-hundred hours of unique gaming content available. Among them, you’ll find Arcade Cloud Live, a two-hour weekly interactive show hosted by gaming personality mcsportzhawk.

As time goes on, Arcade Cloud Live will hose many special guests from the gaming/online community. This past Friday saw OMGitsfirefoxx. As time goes on we’ll witness even more interactions between personalities and the community; PC, consoles, memes, esports, cryptocurrency, and net neutrality will serve as the hot topics.

“Launching a channel on Twitch brings an extraordinary opportunity for us to connect Arcade Cloud’s popular programming and influencers with the largest video game live streaming community in the world,” said Greg Kampanis, SVP, Operations & Business Development, Omnia Media.

“The Twitch community has an insatiable appetite for video game programming of all kinds and larger than life personalities who speak their language,” said Jane Weedon, Twitch’s director of business development. “Arcade Cloud taps into this passion with engaging hosts and a wide range of both live and prerecorded gaming-related shows, all of which makes for a compelling and diverse 24/7 channel on Twitch.”

Your daily dose of Arcade Cloud will be broken up into the following:

  • In Three Minutes: In Three Minutes provides a comedic, condensed summary of the plots of video games, movies and television series with our quirky animation style, such as The Story of Red Dead Redemption and The Story of Stranger Things in Three Minutes . Arcade Cloud has produced more than 80 episodes of this series to date, generating 100 million+ views. New episodes will be uploaded weekly on Twitch in themed half hour blocks covering everything from classic, fantasy, and fighting games to gamers favorite TV shows and Movies.
  • Arcade Cloud Countdowns: In this theme block, viewers will be treated to Top 5 aspects of all things gaming and beyond, such as The Most Kickass Weapons, Best Games Based on Cartoons and Top Game Glitches
  • Animated Parodies: This show features video game character animations, parody songs and scene recreations of fan favorite video games.
  • Best of FactsVerse: Featuring the best countdown videos from this digital brand with nearly 6M followers across its social networks.
  • World War Coleson (2×30’): An adult animated series, created by Omnia Media and gaming influencer Coleson Comedy.  After a revolutionary coup overthrows the principal and leaves Cole the ruler of his high school, Cole sets his sights on the outside world.  With his band of misfit friends he sets out to take over the world, expanding his empire like in the video games he loves.

Everything is produced in-house, by Omnia Media’s digital video network and content studio. Whether you tune in weekly or everyday, you’ll find something unique and infused with some of the latest in gaming. You can get started right now, at