Check Out The Trailer For Battlefront 2’s Last Jedi Season

Finn, Phasma and Iden, Oh My!

In spite of the heinous and unrelenting backlash against EA’s newest multiplayer game, new content continues to roll out. Star Wars Battlefront II will get its first major content drop, released in time for the newest film, next week. A fresh trailer for this Last Jedi season has appeared, embedded below.

Battlefront II Last Jedi

So, what’s coming in this content update? We’ll get a new chapter in the Iden Versio story, access to Finn and Captain Phasma, new ships and the chance to choose a side. More specifically, whichever side players pick will inform their alignment for future events. Presumably, rewards earned from the loot boxes will also be impacted by this decision.

Of course, this update was planned and produced before the secondary Battlefront II saga involving microtransactions and/or loot boxes. Perhaps whatever content this game gets in the future will be more closely influenced by the titanic backlash EA has seen in the last month. Maybe we’ll get some changes to the game mechanics instead of more characters to play in a system that so many people despise? Only time will tell. Star Wars Battlefront II is available right now for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

SOURCE: Press Release