New Dating Sim, Super Seducer, Will Make You a Real Charmer with the Ladies

If You’re Looking for Digital Dating Advice, Look No Further

The world is filled with dating sims, and that’s probably because everyone wants to improve their dating game. Well, here’s a dating game that may do just that. From best-selling author and pick-up artist Richard La Ruina comes FMV sim Super Seducer.

Super Seducer

Simply put, the point of Super Seducer is to teach men some useful and tasteful dating techniques. If not that, then you’ll at least have an entertaining dating game. It introduces several different dating scenarios using live-action video; you’ve got 8 hours of footage, 520 choices, and multiple endings. With all the choices, you’ll find responses from women for virtually every type of behavior.

Thus, throughout ten scenarios, you find yourself in the presence of different women. Different choices pop-up, your decisions painting you as a scumbag or a real Cassanova. You can elect to be funny, obnoxious, charming, or terrible. The experience is designed by and stars Richard La Ruina himself, so he’ll be taking the heat or the girl on your behalf. And in case you’re wondering, the experience is designed to be tasteful. There’s no nudity and this is, apparently, an SFW game.

Super Seducer is the culmination of my eleven years as a highly-successful dating coach and my life-long love of gaming,” said Richard La Ruina, director of Super Seducer. “The game offers players full freedom in how they pursue their lady of interest. You can be charming, boring, funny, or outright obnoxious and then face the consequences. It’s my hope that through Super Seducer, I can continue to provide single men, or whomever is in need of dating advice, the means to find their soulmate after they’ve completed the game.”

If you’re ready to be a Super Seducer, know that the dating sim will arrive on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2018. Find it on PS4, Windows PC, and Mac. And get ready to experience dating techniques from the master himself.