Gorgeous Cosplayer from Spain ‘Juby Headshot’ is Turning Heads

Cosplay Spotlight – Juby Headshot

ALL IMAGES COURTESY: Oriol Lamiel Photography

Here at COGconnected, we have a huge appreciation for talented cosplayers who bring some of our favorite video game, anime and comic characters to life. Last week, we shined our spotlight on the amazing Destiny Nickelsen. This week, we turn the spotlight to an incredible cosplayer from Spain, Juby Headshot! Since 2013, Juby Headshot has been heating up the cosplay scene with some outstanding work. Join us as we take a peek at some of her impressive portfolio!

Let’s start with some of her amazing cosplay inspired by comic book characters!

Juby Headshot - article prime


Juby Headshot - article

Juby Headshot - article


Juby Headshot - article

Check out page 2 for another dose of comic book cosplay from Juby Headshot!