Quirky Robot Platformer ‘Shiny’ Headed to PS4 in the New Year

Adorable Family Friendly Platformer ‘Shiny’ Making Its Way to PS4

Fans of quirky platformers rejoice: developer Garage 227 and publisher SOEDESCO have announced that their family friendly platformer, Shiny, the story of a lovable and determined robot who wishes for freedom, will finally be making its way to the PlayStation 4 on February 27th of the new year. Shiny tells the story of Kramer 227, a forgotten robot left on a dying planet soon to explode. Kramer 227 must find enough power to fuel a ship that will rescue him and his robot friends before the very ground beneath their feet is destroyed.

Shiny Top Screen

Shiny offers typical platforming gameplay minus any of the violent stuff. It offers 20 levels of play, a host of abilities to use, and players must manage the power levels of Kramer 227 and be sure to keep him charged.

Shiny originally launched in late 2016 on Steam, where we gave it a score of 61 citing a sympathetic hero and wonderful soundtrack, being reminiscent of Wall-E for its sad but heart warming situation, however the game did falter for repetitive designs. SOEDESCO notes that despite the apparent dark and dreary visual tone of the game it is perfectly family friendly. It was re-launched in August of this year to the Xbox One and will soon find its way to a boxed edition for the PlayStation 4. For more information on Shiny, check out the games official website.


Source: Press Release