Awesome Sairento VR Leaves Steam Early Access This January

An Even Faster VR Experience

It’s been a while since we’ve made mention of Sairento VR, but we’ve finally got an official release date. While the realm of VR is still relatively new, some great IPs are coming out of the woodworks. Sairento from Mixed Realms is one of them, and it leaves Steam Early Access next month.

Sairento VR

Starting January 19, 2018, you can jump into the high-octane adventure set in futuristic Japan. We’re talking 10 unique environments, a campaign mode, co-op, and a full-blown upgrade system that lets you customize skills and equipment: guns, blades, and more guns. Not to mention some serious fighting and jumping skills. You’ll be able to make the most out of every item and action since the game lets you slow down time. Makes for a more visceral experience. But you can see for yourself in the new launch trailer below.

In Sairento VR, you’re essentially a cybernetic ninja. You have Katanas, shurikens, bows and arrows, firearms, and even kunais. Moves you can perform include triple jumps, wall rides, backflips, and power slides. Some of your enemies share your mobility, but unlike them, you’re a total badass.

The launch version of the game will include the following features:

  • An action-packed single-player campaign
  • Procedurally generated levels for a different experience each time you play
  • A random loot system that offers endless ways to customize the game experience
  • Multiplayer: slice and dice foes with up to four other players in PVP or PVE modes
  • Fully optimized combat tree with dozens of skills available
  • Innovative locomotion not seen in other VR games
  • An improved arcade experience

Remember, Sairento VR will be available on Steam January 19th for $29.99. It requires an HTC Vive and Oculus Touch. For more info, you can visit Get ready for a workout.

SOURCE: Press Release