Sony Pushing PSVR Promotion to its Max, Try it at Home for FREE

PlayStation VR for free, you say?

It probably goes without saying that there are a ton of people out there who are interested in VR but aren’t willing to take the $400 to $500 plunge into the market without knowing if they’ll really enjoy it or not. Well, Sony’s got a solution for that. Free PSVR trial at home… if you’re one of the lucky few to get a mysterious Sony email that’s been popping into some users inboxes.

Select PlayStation Plus members have been receiving emails that give them the option to try their very own PlayStation VR for free from the comfort of their own home for a 14-day span. The email contains a voucher code that can be redeemed to reserve your PSVR Trial Bundle. Included in the bundle is a PlayStation Camera, 2 PlayStation Move Motion Controllers, a copy of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR and a PlayStation VR 2.0 Demo Disc.

PSVR offer

Of course, should this show up in your inbox be prepared to dish out your credit card information. Sony will place a hold on your card just to make sure they’re covering their ass in case someone wants to go rogue. Once you’re done you can choose to keep it or simply send it back with Sony charging your card if you don’t send the unit back within 10 days of the trial ending.

The offer is also available online BUT is showing as ‘sold out’ as it were. We’d imagine that a lot of units are on hold until emails get responded to or deleted so keep an eye out there as well to see if you can get in.

Would this convince you to try PSVR? Is this a smart move by Sony? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter!