This Is How the Progression System Works in Sea of Thieves

Build Your Reputation and Become a Pirate Legend in Sea of Thieves

Rare has finally revealed exactly how players will level up in Sea of Thieves as well as the type of quests they’ll encounter in a new video called Becoming a Pirate Legend.

Aside from living a leisurely pirate life with your best buds, much of what you’ll be doing in Sea of Thieves is building your “reputation.” This is done by completing various tasks at different trading companies. There’s the Gold Hoarders, which are after buried treasure, the Merchant Alliance which scout for ship supplies and resources, and the Order of the Souls who send you out to collect magical skulls in combat-focused challenges.

Each trading company is meant to represent different playstyles in Sea of Thieves. They will offer a wide range of different quests and will allow you to climb the ranks. Progressing within a company will earn players unique rewards and loot. These quests are physical objects that you can take back to your crew, analyze how best to tackle them, then proceed onward to complete it. Sea of Thieves won’t prevent lower-ranked players in your crew from helping on higher-levelled quests either. That’s nice!

“Based on the reputation you’ve built with each trading company, your voyages will not only become richer and more rewarding, but they’ll challenge you more and introduce more mechanics,” explains design director Mike Chapman.

Once you’ve raised your reputation and earned Pirate Legend status, Rare says players will get to play a part in what they’re calling the ‘Golden Age of Piracy.’ They’re remaining tight-lipped about what that is, though.

“Becoming a Pirate Legend is really just the start for players,” Executive Producer Joe Neate told IGN, “and is the jumping off point for how we plan to grow and evolve the game.  As we look to grow Sea Of Thieves beyond launch, we have clear plans for how we want to grow and evolve the experience, but we also want to listen to community feedback about what they’re most keen to see. We want to continue to give players new goals to achieve, new rewards to earn, and enrich the game experience and the world.”

Sea of Thieves is ready to launch on March 20th on Xbox One and PC. Are you excited? Why not leave a comment down below.