Floor Kids, That Gorgeous Breakdancing Game, Is Out On The Switch Today

Cardboard And Boombox Not Included

Proving once again that everything is better when made portable, Floor Kids is out today for the Nintendo Switch. This gorgeous breakdancing game takes that timeless pastime and crams it into Nintendo’s clickiest console, while still leaving room for tons of charming hand-drawn style.

Floor Kids Gorgeous Breakdancing

Breakdancing, normally reserved for stylish music videos and non-violent challenges for world domination, has seen very little coverage in the world of video games. All that’s about to change, thanks to JonJon and Merj Media. Now, you can demonstrate your style in a manner that requires neither cardboard nor boombox. How convenient!

The game is playable either in singleplayer or two-player party mode. That means you can challenge friends and strangers to a breakdancing showdown, just so long as you have your Switch on hand. There’s eight different characters to use, leaving you with multiple avatars for exercising your dominion over the dance floor. What better way to demonstrate your rhythmic supremacy than with the language of breakdancing? Check out the trailer for a better idea of what Floor Kids is all about.

SOURCE: Press Release